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Protein Drinks

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Looking for protein on the go? Protein drinks provide the most refreshing way to consume protein with minimal fuss, wherever you are.

Our range of great-tasting protein drinks are ideal to pack in your gym bag so that you always have a protein source at hand

And, they're ready-to-drink protein shakes, meaning you don't even need to add water or milk - they're the ultimate convenience.

Our delicious selection of high-protein drinks are a super convenient way for you to get the nutrients you need, whether that's a post-gym refuel or a pre-workout boost - we've got you covered.

High-Protein Drinks

Looking to minimise your sugar intake? Check out our sugar-free Protein Water  and Pro Milk 50 Zero - the best protein drinks to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Protein Water is the perfect alternative to your regular soft drinks. Packed with 15g of protein, they're sugar- and fat-free and have only 61 calories per bottle. Quite simply, it delivers both your hydration and protein requirements in one go, any place, any time.

Plus, our ready-to-drink protein water is available in four refreshingly fruity flavours - with something to suit every taste.

Pro Milk 50 Zero is a delicious, sugar-free ready-to-drink protein shake, that's loaded with a massive 50g of protein per bottle.

Unrivalled for its natural taste and smoothness, Pro Milk 50 Zero is the perfect replacement to protein and milkshakes.

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